Long lasting nail polish


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Quantity: 1 bottle

Capacity: about 6 ml

Color: as shown

Package Contents:

1 bottle of 6 ml BORN PRETTY holographic chameleon 3D magnetic nail polish (not including magnetic plate!)


100% new

The color of the nail in the sample picture is: 1 layer of base coat + 1 layer of 3D magnetic nail polish (with magnetic plate) + top coat.

High quality professional nail polish ingredients that give nails a lustrous and long lasting color.

It is equipped with a brush to make nails for everyone.

Let you create beautiful nail designs right away.


1. Prepare your nails with a layer of BASE and wait for them to dry.

2. Apply a black coating, wait until it is dry, then apply a second layer until it is dry. (The darker base can help achieve a better chameleon effect)

3. Apply 3D magnetic nail polish.

4. Immediately use the magnet near the nail for at least 30 seconds. The closer the distance, the more obvious the effect. But stay away from nail polish. The effect depends on the line of the bar and the direction in which it is placed.

5. Use BORN PRETTY topcoat and use a magnetic bar near the nail for at least 30 seconds.


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Long lasting nail polish